About The Artist

In the essence of good bio pages here is a lil about me. I was born a meager lad of a graphic design background. Stumbling through job after job looking for my niche.

One afternoon I happened to want a tattoo and I found and artist by the name of Shadow. He was in Pitman NJ @ Body Expressions. We hit it off and he asked me if I wanted to apprentice and I said yes.  Seven months later I began my apprenticeship @ his new shop Eternal Ink.

After a year as an apprentice I began tattooing at Eternal Ink in which I spent 10 years. At the start of 2012 I began my  adventures with the crazy crew at Dynasty in which I plan to have many more.

Along the way I have had the honor of working and knowing many talented artists such as Shadow (Eternal Ink), Randi Polillio (Dynasty), Billy Webb(Evolution), Tim Victim and Mike Chambers (Art Machine), Oz (Studio 42), and many others. Each with their own style has driven me to hone my skills and better serve my customers.

I would like to thank all of them. If I left anyone out, don’t think I don’t love you. I just ran out of space on this stupid page. Besides who really reads this much anyway.

If after all this hoopla you still want to schedule an appointment or speak about a tattoo design go to the contact page .

Thank your for visiting the Bio Page,

Jersey (Dollhouse Tattoo)