Matt Hamidy
Twitter.com/metalmattchew x
Submitted on 2013/09/29 at 10:34 pm
I just recently got a piece done by Jersey to remember my grandparents. This was not my first tattoo, but it is my favorite. Jersey is very skilled, a light handed. Super approachable, makes getting ink enjoyable. Defiantly an artist to get your first piece done or to add to your collection. His pricing is very fair for the work you will receive. Thank you again and I will be back when I get an idea and the money to get it done.

Tara Romanelli

What can I say about Jersey?

Do you know how people always say, “go see my tattoo artist he/she’s the best,”? If I were to say that about Jersey, it would be an understatement. Jersey is not just talented with work that is incomparable. Jersey is genuine, honest, respectful, and caring. I think it is important for an artist to have these characteristics. You wouldn’t want an artist who doesn’t have your best interests in mind.  I recommend Jersey because he can do it all. From cover-ups to portraits, from black & gray to the brightest of colors, there’s nothing he can’t master. No challenge is too big for him. In the past, I’ve had four artists tattoo me & Jersey is the only one that I keep going back to. I love my ink. Thank you Jersey!

T. Romanelli

Joseph P Romanelli

I met Jersey through my wife Tara. He did a cover up on my first tattoo and it came out unbelievable and he’s been my guy since! Great artist and and even greater person who’s easy to work with and his work speaks for itself… You should definitely get him for your next tattoo and so forth… Your friend Joey!
Joseph P Romanelli


Kristen Peraset

I’ve had several tattoos done by Jersey and I usually leave my appointments with the same sentiment—I want another one LIKE YESTERDAY! The experience is always awesome, because I’m assured only the best work is being done by a real professional and we have a great time and hysterical conversation. Who wants to sit through an entire sleeve with someone boring? I usually bring a friend, so the three of us just carry on and before you know it, two hours have passed. Jersey is the ideal artist for someone like me because I have a million concepts that I struggle to visualize. He’s open to taking these ideas, piecing them together, and incorporating a little bit of his own style and artistry to produce beautiful tattoos. Seriously. They’re stunning.

When you’re dealing with someone who is going to be tattooing something on you that you will wear for life—you need to feel like you can trust the artist’s skill and vision. Jersey and I will communicate for weeks prior to the actual appointment, sharing designs and pictures. This allows for the idea to evolve into the best and most original tattoo possible. Jersey is honest and will tell you when your idea will end up looking like something I drew with my left hand. But, he will always find a way to make sure your idea comes to light. In my experience, the final products exceeded ALL expectations I envisioned in my head.

My color tattoos are just as gorgeous as the day they were done and have maintained their vibrance with proper care. Healing is a breeze. Again, with proper care, everything healed quickly and incredibly well. Jersey is an AMAZING artist and like me, you’ll enter with the mindset you’re just getting one—then a year later, you’ll find yourself working on a full sleeve!


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